Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 (Sub)

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 released! You are now Watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 online.


  • Jdzl

    no ep this week 🙁

    • SSJ-Mad

      yes there is

      • JD

        No, this was a waste of one.

      • Jacob Tomlinson

        No there’s not. This was not an episode of DBS, it was not canon*, it did not continue any story, it added nothing.
        To all intents and purposes there was no episode this week

        • MrToko

          i agree regardless of Arale from dragon ball

  • maricn902

    Almost Deadpool.. i don’t like this

  • cupsy

    Oh god why??? This is a very annoying episode.

  • Ciprian

    how i can download this ?

  • Josh Boutell

    THIS WAS AMAZING. How on earth can anyone hate on this?

    • Kudaaj330

      Totally agree, if you are a dragon ball fan and say this sucked, you clearly started watching this show in its later phases and are watching it for the wrong reasons., look back on its fundementals on where the show came from back in Dragon ball, it was similar to this style. Amazing job guys and i look forward to the next episode as well.
      Haters gonna hate, and also ignorance is bliss. Bai.

      • MrToko

        i dont understand how she can break the world in half where was she when frieza was raiding the planet where was she when the planet was being raped by zamasu the storyline is fucked as fucked as fucked please someone explain to me

        • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

          she’s a comic gag character. i loved this episode and all the people hating on this episode are dumb

        • SJtheGod

          Its a non-canon cross-over episode kid its not supposed to be taken seriously

  • Phil

    What the Hell was this crap

  • JD

    Omfg, what a waste of an episode. When Beerus was going to destroy arale, I was just screaming KILL THE BITCH, KILL THE BITCH. I fuckin hated this episode -.-

  • 21 cɑɓɓɑgɛ ✞ #ŦRASħG㊉Ð

    Beerus can destroy ghosts too?? He’s too OP

  • Sorrywedidntcatchthat

    What the fuck did I just watch.. Is Toriyama deliberately trying to destroy the most awesome thing that has ever existed called Dragon ball? Yeah yeah I get it, it’s supposedly humor. But still I don’t care to watch this kind of crap made of my most favorite characters and series ever. I began my fucking life with Dragon ball, dreaming of such powers, muscles and fighting abilities, dreaming of training myself like they did. Now the whole thing has become a joke? I could rant all night long of all the stuff I find wrong in DBS, but I think I’ll leave it here this time..

    • Nathan Ralevski

      Its called a filler episode…

      • MrToko

        you don’t understand what he means do you?

    • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

      you’re stupid

  • shane fernandes

    I LOVE ARALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GalaCeir

    i see a lot of bitching and moaning about this. The top thing i see is people complaining about it being canon. I’ll address that first, With Dragon Ball, what is Canon? Is it the manga, if so, the Dragon Ball Super manga’s last issuse just introduced Goku Black for the first time, the anime has already completed that entire ark. As to is Arale Canon to Dragon Ball? the answer sadly is yes. the first crossover was during the Dragon Ball red Ribbion ark in both manga and anime during gokus fight against general blue. as to the Dr. Slump series, it was put out by Akira Toriyama years before dragon ball. Both Series have 1 major tie in, aside from the crossover, which is Red Ribbon Army appearing as villians in both series, while also hinting but never addressing any contection between Dr. Slumps super powered andriods and the knock-offs put out by Dr. Gero and the Red Ribbon army. The best part in this is when goku and arale think they know each other but can’t remember which is a direct stab at Akira Toriyama, who is well known for being forgetful with his own work, which is why dragon ball canon is such a cluster fuck, with a reminder that dragon ball super is taking place between the last 2 VOLUMES of the original dragon ball manga, despite already causing major continuity errors.

    So in short, you can talk about canon and fillers with any episode of dragon ball super when it in itself is a filler for more $$$ while including new and old ideas from Akira Toriyama while sometimes forgetting he already tried that in a previous filler.

  • Ameer Ahmed

    What an absolutely superb episode! Brings back so many memories of the classic dragon ball style! Toriyama you genius. Perfect and fun filler episode!

  • phoenix0316

    This episode was awesome. The universe isn’t at stake every second of existence. Haters take themselves too seriously.

    We even got to see a destruction. That guy should’ve stayed in hfil lol. Did you really want to see him destroy a little girl?? Ok, maybe I did too.. but I’d rather see Arale alive to fight Goku. Where was she when Buu??

  • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

    loved this episode