Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 (Sub)

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 English Subbed Is Available Now.To Get More Updates Like Our Facebook Page.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 released! You are now Watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 online.


  • Avigoku

    the amount of ads here. wow.

    • Taha Ahmed Khan

      and can’t use adblock that makes wow x2

  • SSJ-Mad

    why does puar in the intro look like snorlax

  • Hakimul Islam

    so bulma ordered prostitutes?? nice.


      No they’re strippers

  • Clark44

    So it’s all gonna be fillers for a while until the next arc begins…. I hope this change in the Vegito rule is for the good. Maybe he will reappear again during the universal tournament or some other time….


      its only 3 episodes

  • Zvonko Zahorjanski

    i cant watch video becouse ;;,,The Media could not be loaded,eaither because sever or network failed or because of the format is not supported”” CAN YOU FIX IT PLEASE ??? i would realy aprishieted

  • Isaiah Halloway

    well this wasnt funny