Dragon Ball Super Episode 65 (Sub)

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  • Nicholas Diaz

    It’s fucking lit

    • Rogers Bryant


      • Nicholas Diaz

        They spoiled so much in the preview, would’ve loved to see vegito pop up but not in the preview

  • Tonypup25

    All hail the true god, VEGITO

    • Kid Goku

      presss the button for god of the world

  • Dbzs

    Where the hell did you see vegito here? Did i watch a different episode?

    • Florian Adoumasse

      It’s the trailer of the next episode. Vegeto is truly back!!!

      • Dbzs

        Thanx. I closed it as soon as the song started. Now I saw it.

  • kb24

    It looks like they gonna end the fight in episode 66, I thought it would reach 3-4 episodes then ends in episode 70, their battle would be so fast cmon, I need more action

    • Hakimul Islam

      they probably fuse towards the middle of the episode

  • Sainath Iyer

    FML FML FML This is the part where GT should go and fuck itself ! Awesome Vegito’s back

    • Hakimul Islam

      i wanted gogeta 🙁 BUT THIS IS AWESOOOOOOOME

  • Tristan

    It looks like Zamazu’s cell regeneration will resemble that to of Buu’s, when Vegito fought Buu he was destroying his cells so fast that when they tried to regenerate they were regenerating wrong

  • Matthew Carrasco

    Let me guess, Goku still doesn’t use the button to call the King of Everything, and this is just another filler episode?

    • Sniber

      Why should he ? we watch it for awesome battles, not for a pokemon looking god to appear and finish everything in a second.

    • Jordan

      Yeah are you retarded hah. If you just want to see the end wait and watch the last episode. And find out what a filler means.

  • Matthew Carrasco

    I called it, another filler waste of time.

    • adel

      oh fuck u naruto waaay woorst

  • Redninja

    Omg next episode got me way to hype can’t wait to see super saiyan blue fusion

  • chantel parris

    but if vegitos fusion is permanent how will they separate this time ?

    • Sniber

      wish from shenron or phorunga

  • Shiva Cruz Jr.

    guys didnt you notice something vegito’s attitude change and isnt the guy who plays around anymore like a goof

    • Sniber

      Thats because this time, enemy is around equally powerful

      • Amie59

        last time the goof around because they want Buu to absorb them to save all the others that Buu have absorb.

  • Sniber

    This is terrible writing. DBS is by far the MOST INCONSISTENT anime of all time.

    1) first they say that goku is 6 beerus 10 whis 15
    then goku and beerus fight and in movie beerus uses 70% power, in DBS, he uses 100%,
    later ssg goku goes super saiyan which has 50x multiplier.
    so SSB = 50 x SSG.
    then he goes kaioken ie 10x multipler
    so kioken goku = 500 x SSG
    and turns out that he is still weaker than beerus. WTF ??

    2) during fight with beerus goku retains FULL power of SSG while being SS1. so now
    ss2 = 2 x ss1 = 2 x ssg,
    ss3 = 8 x ss1 = 8 x ssg.
    then trunks enters with his regular ss2 and fights equally with this god ss2 goku(2 x SSG). WTF ??
    then trunks ss2(even before having that broly mode) also fights quite well with black SSR(who is arounf SSB level) ? WTF ??

    3) zamasu who is almost around god ss2 goku(2 x SSG), he fights equally with SSB who is 50 x SSG. WTF ??
    then again trunks regular ss2 fights equally with zamasu (2 X SSG). WTF ??

    4) trunks and vegeta pushed back zamasu’s beam even though potara multiples powers so fused zamasu must be zillions times stronger than black. WTF ??

    • Willem Jansen

      just 1 of the 100 things that`s wrong with DBS, it will never even grasp what DBZ was.

    • Untouchable

      I agree, although I don’t know where you got the numbers from.. But you gotta admit it get’s a bit interesting now, even know the powers levels doesn’t make any sense. Hopefully the story gets better from this point 😉

      • Sniber

        All those numbers / multipliers are given in official dragonball guidebooks.

        ss1 = 50 x normal
        ss2 = 2 x ss1
        ss3 = 4 x ss2
        ssg is far beyond ss3

        after becoming god,
        ss1 got all power of ssg, i am calling it post god ss1
        god ss1 = ssg
        god ss2 = 2 x ssg
        god ss3 = 8 x ssg

        and finally
        ssb is “ssg going super saiyan”
        ssb = 50 x ssg

  • Salman Dashti

    Im starting to think that this whole Goku black saga is a plan from whis and beerus to train and push Goku and Vegeta into getting stronger .. by sending them to a world they can’t possibaly save fighting an opponent they can’t beat ..which will force them to either push themselves to a level beyond the impossible .. or just die trying

    • Untouchable

      Cocaine is one hell of a drug….

  • Khairul Syafiq

    WTF DID JUST ME WATCHED THE ANIMATION IN THIS EP IS REALLY BAD??!! Btw good episode and we are excited about the next ep.We have been wait for so long to see the vegito!

    • Untouchable


  • somerandomdbdudeordudette

    About time vegito showed up which is in next episode.
    What’s up with zamasu’s right side? not so green there lol


    just 1 episode a week is tooooooo little