Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 (Sub)

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  • CiscotheSoto

    Well, we all know what this is gonna lead up to. First, Vegeta, Goku, and Trunks will continued to get poned. Then, either the Supreme Kai’s will offer to give them their earrings, or Goku will suggest the fusion dance. Vegeta will bitch about it, and say no, but then Goku will give a long speech, and Vegeta will reminisce about it, before finally agreeing to it. Finally, after being unable to deal any serious damage, Trunks or somebody will come in with the sash, and Gogeta/Vegito will seal Zamasu away. TADA! How predictable…

    • Larry Malone

      That’s a likely occurrence

      • Ninten

        For real!

    • Luke Daniels

      It’s not gonna be Gogeta.

    • Kevin Bilegsaikhan

      Well i agree, but gogeta in non canon, so its very unlikey for gogeta to appear.

    • Damian Powers

      this is what they want us to think but they like changing things

    • Ryan Morris

      trunks in vageta need to do a fusion

    • Buck

      Didn’t you watch the episode ? They don’t have the sash to keep him sealed away 😛

    • DatFace

      Hey, remember Goku has the bell to call “The King Of All/All-Chan”

  • Theother Guy

    They’ve already released info on a new arc saga so if vegeta and goku potara fuse they have to stay like that forever so thats outta the question already. I bet beerus and whis will show up and try and help but itll probably take fusion dance super sayian blue gogeta to be close to a match for this new foe because black got even stronger after his beat down by vegeta.

    • IronicTwist

      They could just use the Dragon Balls from their timeline to undo the Potara Fusion like Kabito Kai did.

      • Theother Guy

        Good point

  • Jdzl

    well there goes my week down the drain all 3 anime i watch uploaded empty eps full of 0 action thats just wonderful

  • StupidStudiosN2

    so did nobody else notice that Trunks’s poses were from the ginyu force?

    • Steven Kisamore

      i did

    • Doesn’t Saiyaman do similar poses?

  • kal-bert

    They’ll fuse with potara and when everything’s over they’ll ask Zeno to undo the fusión.

  • Beerus

    Episode 66 Title is, “! Fusion Pride of Vegeta, Goku’s fury and the desire to Trunks.”

  • shreejit pal

    If they make zeno kill zamasu, i will never watch this again. Then this anime will become even worse than DBGT. I will accept none other than a SSB2 defeating him. I hope you all agree.

    • TheOnlyKouta

      Fuck you. No one gives a damn if you watch it or not. I hope Zeno comes to piss you off.

      • J Kurayami

        Nah, that would be wack, make this shit dumber than Bleach.

    • lolo

      yea why not

    • Ryan

      Ugh one of those people who want Dragon Ball their way or no way at all. Zeno is the smartest choice, otherwise the button is pointless as the 12 universe tournament is probably next and if Toei doesn’t renew it, the end of Super

  • gokuisimmortal

    theyre most likely gonna potara fuse. using the Kai’s earrings, defeat zamasu or try to defeat them. beerus is going to come from the past and destroy zamasu again, go to the past, gather dragonballs and undo the fusion. or maybe whiis can even undo the fusion himself… or maybe ‘The King of All” will undo the fusion since goku still owes him his “play date”

  • Rhai

    triple fusion

  • Shiraz Ahmad Khan

    Apparently some sources are saying that Vegito will appear. Goku and Vegeta will fuse. Then apparently the episode title for ep 67 suggests Zeno sama will appear. In the case of undoing the potara fusion, they can ask Gawasu to use the time ring to collect the super dragon balls quickly and wish for Goku and Vegeta to be separated. v

  • hombre!

    14:45 The one time I am completely on Zamasu’s side. I would wreck that hoe

  • xristos ratsas

    guys did u notice that in the end its gogeta/vegito ? xDDD but i dont see the potara earring so its a bit confusing :/

  • Sam

    evil goku is a much a better villian

  • Sam

    evil goku is better as a villian than Zamasu

  • somerandomdbdudeordudette

    So they contained zamasu and then were like, “oh great we don’t have the paper amulet”.
    LMAO trust them to mess things up but at least we get to see fusion black zamasu and vegito too it seems.

  • Sri Rohith Rao

    You can expect future gods of destruction, cause kaioshin are present in future.

    • Ryan

      Remember when Black created the tear in space he didn’t know what it was, the past, the future. He didn’t know. We know Zeno is present in all of time. We also can infer the Universe 10 God of Destruction is Alive unless Immortality negates the connection and unless the time ring also negates the connection. But a tear in time would cause all the gods if it was the past to sense it and they would know.

  • Steven Kisamore

    guys do you think Goku and Vegta go ssb vegtio?